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Chapter 282 President, Anthony W. Lee, JD  

Dear Chapter 282,

As part of NTEU282’s ongoing efforts to enhance employee engagement in the Human Foods Program (HFP) reorganization, NTEU is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) like you to serve as “Change Leaders.” Your participation in this capacity will be crucial in driving positive transformations within our agency.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Should you take advantage of this opportunity to serve as an NTEU Change Leader to the reorganization, you will actively engage in all related Change Leader meetings and participate in the Change Network gatherings that involve agency Change Leaders both management and non-management.

  • You will have the same rights and opportunities as agency-appointed Change Leaders, ensuring your valuable insights contribute to the success of the HFP.

  • Your role will involve:

    • Providing innovative ideas, suggestions and feedback to HFP workgroups.

    • Raising awareness and understanding of proposed changes across the agency.

    • Facilitating bi-directional communication and feedback regarding workforce needs.

    • The expected participation level is approximately 2 hours per week


Details and Next Steps:


Should you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to me via the phone or email below.

Thank you for your dedication and willingness to contribute to positive change within FDA.

In Solidarity,

Anthony Lee

Join the Union:

If you haven’t already, consider joining the union: . It’s a powerful way to have your voice heard and actively participate in shaping our workplace.

Your Voice Matters:

  • Attend the upcoming meetings.

  • Engage in constructive dialogue.

  • Raise any concerns or questions you may have.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment. Our shared efforts will shape the future of the Human Foods Program and FDA.

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