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Chapter 282 President, Anthony W. Lee, JD  

Dear Chapter 282,

As the closing date for the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) swiftly approaches this Friday, I want to emphasize the significance of your participation. It’s easy to underestimate the value of a single voice, but together, our collective insights are powerful and can shape the future priorities of our Agency.

NTEU Chapter 282 strongly encourages every bargaining unit employee (BUE) to seize this opportunity and complete the FEVS. Your input is not just a metric; it can be a catalyst for change. The FEVS has been instrumental in the union’s past advocacy and representation endeavors on behalf of employees, providing us with crucial data to bolster our efforts.

This anonymous survey is your platform to express unfiltered opinions about your Center's or Office's (CDRH, ORA, etc.) performance. Whether it’s commendation or critique, your honest feedback is vital. It helps pinpoint the FDA’s strengths and spotlight areas needing improvement, potentially leading to increased union involvement in a Center/Office/Division/Branch.

Remember, the FEVS results are shared annually, offering transparency and a clear understanding of our standing as an agency. If you haven’t yet contributed to this valuable survey, please make time to do so before the deadline.

Together, we can and do make a difference.

Have a union question or need clarification? We're here to help! You can either email us at our general mailbox which is, or find me or one of our stewards on our 282 NTEU website.


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For a limited time only, first time union members can receive our new member rebate incentive by signing up as a new dues paying member when you join online here: NTEU Join page.

In Solidarity,

Anthony Lee

Join the Union:

If you haven’t already, consider joining the union: . It’s a powerful way to have your voice heard and actively participate in shaping our workplace.

Your Voice Matters:

  • Attend the upcoming meetings.

  • Engage in constructive dialogue.

  • Raise any concerns or questions you may have.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment. Our shared efforts will shape the future of the Human Foods Program and FDA.

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